The Art Café is situated upstairs within the Pavilion Gardens Café. It is an extension of the Gallery in the Gardens where members periodically host exhibitions, both solo and group, at two-month intervals. This enables artists to exhibit current work including large scale and other work precluded from the main gallery space downstairs.

All exhibitions are FREE and accessible from 9:30 ‘til close every day.

9th  April to 8th  June

‘Life in Colour’

Paintings by Paul Morin

This exhibition showcases Paul Morin’s intimate paintings on still-life, seascape and landscape themes. The work illustrates Paul’s pre-occupation with creating surfaces which will intrigue and entice the viewer into a magical parallel world – an opportunity to appreciate the simple beauty of the moment.

Paul says of his work:

“Painting is a mysterious process – forms can come and go, and what remains is often a dreamlike version of what’s out there in the observable world. I start with a vague idea, but I like to leave room for the element of surprise which comes organically from the painting process. A part of me is always reaching back to the flatness and surface-tension of late Modernist painting – and I’m on an eternal search for the visual equivalent of ‘the lost chord’ – some magic between colours and forms which will ‘chime’ with the viewer. It’s making that mysterious connection that I’m after, and it’s probably the reason I don’t go in much for realism or grand themes.

To paraphrase Prunella Clough: A painting doesn’t have to say much – it can just say one small thing quietly.”

The exhibition runs until 8th June 2024.


2024 Schedule of artists-
June & July– ‘Stitched Up Again! ‘- New work by Tracey Coverley
August & September – ‘Birds of a Feather – return migration’ joint exhibition with Jill Kerr & Tracey Coverley
October & November – Elizabeth Swift, Felt Artist
December & January – Louise Jannetta, Fine Artist

2025 –
June & July – Louise Jannetta, Fine Artist

2026 –
August & September – Louse Jannetta, Fine Artist

Sorry, there is no disabled access upstairs in the Art Café
Access via the spiral staircase within the Pavilion Gardens Café & tearooms.