Textile Artist

Art was always Anne’s favourite subject at school but she had never found a medium that worked for her until a chance encounter during her Forest Schools days, introduced her to felting.

Delving deeper she discovered that Nuno felt allowed her to produce interesting surface textures. This led her to study Textile Art at Stockport College and later with Sue Lancaster at ‘Stitched up and Fleeced’ in Sheffield where she experimented with different manipulation techniques such as free machine embroidery, soluble fabrics and the use of heat.

Anne’s inspiration comes mainly from the natural world, but can be something as minute as the curve of a seed head to the landscape around her and the contour of a skyline.

Colour is her passion but the combination of colour and texture that can be achieved through textiles is what Anne really loves.

Email: anne.owl@btinternet.com

Mobile: 07926 267722

Facebook: Anne Humberstone Textile Artist