Textile Artist

Anne designs and hand makes unique accessories using an eclectic array of yarns.

She hand knits intricate cable scarves and glamour gloves and hand embellishes them with beads, decals and crystals.

Anne knits ‘Wacky Wibble’ scarves, chunky fringed ‘Double Diamond’ scarves and ‘Cable & Rib’ combo scarves. Her pure cotton ‘Fringe 660’ scarves (660 feet of gorgeous yarn in the fringe alone!) are just a joy. She also makes a great selection of hats, some of them a bit mad, but why not?

Colour influences all of Anne’s work, she loves to experiment with yarn and colour combinations in each unique piece.

Tel: 07940 594297

Email: anne@stocksview1901.co.uk

Website: www.annedaviesdesigns.co.uk